About Us

Company History

Krittär’s Institute was born out of curiosity and the longing for alternatives by the founder, Yennifer Trujillo. When using skin care products for her children and herself, she was confronted with an abnormal high amount of synthetic ingredients and little research resulted quickly in alarming conclusions in view of health issues and environmental impact.

After deeper study provoked by sheer interest and curiosity, she and her family started using homemade soap, sunscreen and lotions made with exclusively organic ingredients. Further development lead to more sophisticated hygiene and care products with a nicer feel, smell and durability.

Curiosity became interest, interest became passion and passion became determination and that determination is named Krittär which is driven to provide responsible and sustainable products that are pleasant and efficient in use and which contain as many natural and organic ingredients as possible.

Our Purpose
Krittär wants to please its clients by providing quality products. We want our clients to love our product, to choose our products for their low-damage-impact without fear for long-term effects and to feel at ease with that choice.
Our Mission
Krittär provides knowledge that goes hand in hand with an honest and balanced sustainability approach,and encourages people to use fairly produced packaging materials and reuse them. These are criteria which Krittär holds dear.

Our Commitment

Where most luxury beauty and skin care products compromise the natural and organic origin of ingredients for the sake of long conservation and mass production, Krittär is committed to teach how to use ingredients that compromise the least possible.

We focus on providing good quality personal hygiene products & teach how to design skin care cosmetics and toiletries for people who are conscious about the ingredients and care about the sustainability of the products they buy.

krittär's challenge

Change your life

by changing the products you use!

our founder

People Behind the Science

Yennifer Trujillo
CEO / Founder

It is time for a more conscious development of products and consumer instructions on what we are really using on our skin.