Cosmetics Private Class



The Cosmetics Private Class

When designing a new formula, the inevitable question that comes to mind is “what function will this formula fulfill?” Once the purpose of the formula is clear, we enter a process in which we select the oils, active ingredients, emulsifier, the preserving ingredient that best protects the product, fragrances and the packaging.

During this process we pay attention to things like the compatibility of ingredients. Before mixing them we ensure to have this compatibility and possible substitutes as clear as possible.

Even before having the final product in our hands, we can tell whether we’re on the right track. In the private class you will learn to recognize the signs. When you see that the process does not happen as planned, we don’t stop and we continue to research until we get a synergy of ingredients that will correspond to your expectations. Our goal is to teach you to make your own honest, sustainable, sophisticated product that will seduce whoever tries it.

If this sparks your interest, you are part of a fortunate group of people who refuse to buy just any product, as you desire to be in control of what you put on your skin. If you have the will to learn the effects of different compositions of ingredients on your skin, you will quickly understand that designing your own cosmetics:

  • allows you to have control over the quality and properties of ingredients used in your formulas,
  • enables you to develop your products in a way that fits your personal needs and wishes, and
  • allows you to create your own luxury products at a better price.

Our instructor will be your guide and will save you hours of research, suggesting where to obtain the best ingredients.

You won’t believe how much you can learn in a first class only…

Please wear closed toed shoes and long sleeves that you don’t mind getting a little dirty.

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Class Level:

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced

Age Requirements:

18 and older


Yennifer Trujiilo


3 hours


23 Maplemoor Lane, White Plains, NY. 10605


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