1-on-1 Private Class

Krittär Private Classes

Learning to make your own soaps and cosmetics is a great and fun way to contribute to your own health. Formulating your own products instead of buying them is like cooking your own healthy meal instead of buying junk food. This way you can ensure the ingredients are pure and you can choose the properties that you would like to expose your skin to. You make the products exactly how you like them, with your preferred smell and feel!

What we do in a private class? The private classes are created for those that prefer a more tailored learning experience. Through greater engagement with your instructor you will process the information received during the class more efficiently. In a one to one session we will be best positioned to guide you through the steps and processes for making either soaps or cosmetics, such as creams, micellar water, shampoos etc. We can help you avoid the pitfalls by explaining why things happen in a certain order and why some combinations of ingredients work better than others. The private classes allow more in depth guidance and a tailor made focus on the product of your choice.

A minimum of three hours is required to get good results. If you let us know in advance your level of knowledge, we can start from there and build on your current skillset, so you get the most out of your session. The hours available for these classes are from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm from Monday through Friday. If none of these options works for you do not hesitate to email us your suggestion with the day and time that is best for you. We will do everything possible to accommodate our schedule.