Yennifer Trujillo

Yennifer Trujillo

Yennifer is from South American origins. She spent her whole adult life in Europe, mainly in Spain and Luxembourg. She is a mother of 2 with a special affinity for health, cosmetics and nutrition.

Becoming a mother changed her mindset. Little did she know that very soon this mindset would become a lifestyle that would change her life for the better and forever.

She started caring about the food she ate, the sport she wasn’t doing and the condition of her own skin. It was not until she saw that her kids inherited her skin, that she started to care about cosmetics too. Her curiosity for artisanal soaps and cosmetics formulation was born.

She had the pleasure to know three professional instructors in Madrid who introduced her to soap making and the ayurvedic cosmetics formulation. It was under their guidance that she started her adventure and from that moment she knew she found her calling.

To get better educated and enhance her skill set, she decided to go to England where her knowledge and vision about cosmetics was taken to another level by one of the best in the business. Her zeal for the world of cosmetics formulation and artisanal soaps has not stopped to increase.

Undoubtedly, the next step was the creation of her own company specialized in natural cosmetics, True Ethic LLC , based in the state of New York and owner of the Krittär brand ( This is where she offers her products, as well as teaches others how to design their own cosmetics and soaps.

She enjoys being able to transmit her knowledge and experience to others, showing them how to create their own unique and special products. She is convinced that teaching is the best way to keep learning.